Our story and philosophy...

Sky Phoenix Studio began 2015, founded by Monique Armstrong and Megan Robb. Each with a career of over 15 years in the dance industry Meg and Mo came together to share their passion for dance with the next generation of passionate movement enthusiasts. Their vision was to create programming that incorporated their shared values of embracing diversity, catering to a variety of learning styles, and pushing for a fun and inclusive community atmosphere. They developed their Four Pillars of Connection to best describe the vision and values upheld at Sky Phoenix Studios. Dance is for everyone, and we should all feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged to be our best selves on the dance floor! .


Our Instructors and Apprentices are all Quartz Certified, a program founded on the philosophy of strong foundations and progressions. This ensures that all programming offered at Sky Phoenix Studios is exceeding industry standards. We guarantee that our staff is up to date with their First Aide and CPR-C. They are actively involved in increasing their skills and Sky Phoenix Studios invests in their career goals. Our team is supported by Assistants and Apprentices who are enthusiastic and focused on their training as well as learning the art of dance instruction. Quartz is a Creative Skills Development program, teaching the inner workings of movement and bringing together beginner performers and seasoned teachers. As a skills based modular movement training program, the curriculum is continuously updated by a team of leading industry experts including fitness trainers, dance instructors, choreographers, kinestheologists, child development experts and sports therapists. We meet each dancer, seasoned or beginner, where they are in their dance journey. This approach allows us to encourage each individual to achiever their personal best and instills goal setting and empowers dancers to take interest in their training path.


Welcome to Sky Phoenix Studios a creative community centre. We host a wide range of artistic classes and events for kids and adults. Some of our main focuses include: Competitive, Pre Competitive and Recreational Dance Teams, Musical Theatre, Parkour, Paint Nights, After school programs, birthday parties and much more!